About Us

Established in 2013 and headquartered in Marshalltown, IA, MARSHALLTOWN Software is a division of Marshalltown Company. Marshalltown Company is a worldwide leading manufacturing and distribution company for the construction tool industry since 1890. MARSHALLTOWN Software offers hardware and software products for the warehousing, distribution and retail industry. All products are currently tailored for the Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP systems, but the methodologies apply to nearly any system. 

We developed our products for our own use first, so we eat our own dog food.

Jeff Schneider – Director of IT

In 2012, MARSHALLTOWN successfully designed and implemented their own inventory management solution, called MT Mobility, as a native iOS application with a restful C# API that communicated with AX. MARSHALLTOWN ran the native iOS application platform solution in their operations until early 2015, when the software was redesigned using HTML5 and it became a first-class web application. The same web app methodology is still in use today at MARSHALLTOWN.

Since then, we’ve written dozens of other applications for internal use using the same principles. Because of this we developed a common framework available as Nuget packages. It is good software engineering principles in practice. It makes our development easier, more approachable by our entire team, more correct, and faster time to production. We now sell this to other companies so they can have the same development success we have.

We also have a variety of applications available for source code purchase. This will allow your team–or MARSHALLTOWN–to customize these applications to your company’s needs and get you running more quickly than developing the code new. The RoI is very quick and your developers and users will love the apps. It’s much more fun, agile, and productive to program like this rather than develop solutions within the ERP itself.