Introduction to the MARSHALLTOWN Software SDK

The MARSHALLTOWN Software SDK provides a ready-built framework for rapid development of applications which integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The framework prescribes a robust, flexible and proven architecture for building decoupled services and responsive web applications.

Service Architecture

As developers, we struggle to develop and maintain a variety of applications which connect efficient user interfaces to back end data sources. The MARSHALLTOWN Software SDK provides the building blocks to implement patterns and architectures which have been designed to promote the following:

  • Rapid application development
  • Loose coupling between applications and data sources
  • Protocol & platform independence
  • Consistency among applications
  • RESTful design

SDK Components

C# components are provided both as precompiled NuGet packages and as source code. X++ components are provided via XPO files.


The MtCommon library (for C# and X++) provides common, critical SDK components which are useful regardless of the type of application being developed (desktop or web).

MtCommon.AX and MtCommon.NAV

This C# library provides components which simplify the implementation of the Service Proxy layer for a Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV service implementation within any C# application (desktop or web).


This C# library provides SDK components specifically useful for developing web applications implemented with ASP.NET MVC. When consumed by a new web project as a NuGet package, the package installs several out-of-box templates for standard MVC project files which help to bootstrap the MT Mobility SDK – yielding a quick, ready starting point for development.


MobileScan is an iOS application available on the iOS App Store. The application features include:

  • Wraps web applications in a full-screen browser experience for mobile devices.
  • Enables integration of web applications with MT1890 Barcode Scanner using JavaScript interface to accept and process scans.

You view more information on MobileScan here.

More information on the MARSHALLTOWN Software SDK

Please visit the MARSHALLTOWN Software SDK product page here.

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